Top Performing Investment Manager, Chetan Kapur of ThinkStrategy Capital, Went Way Above and Beyond for Investors which Enjoyed Leading Returns for a Decade. Chetan Kapur Gets Unjustly, Unjustifiably and Repeatedly Attacked by Corrupt Element at the SEC.

  • Extremely Honest, Selfless & Diligent Chetan Kapur Sacrificed All His and ThinkStrategy’s Resources for the Benefit of Investors During the Great Recession and Thereafter. Chetan Kapur Even Gave Up His Investment and Creditor Claim in the ThinkStrategy Funds for the Benefit of Investors.
  • Corrupt, Deceitful Contingent at SEC Engaged in a Campaign of Harassment, Defamation and False Imprisonment Against Chetan Kapur. The SEC Attack Began One Year After ThinkStrategy Closed Operations, With the Worst Banking Crisis in US History, Having Depleted All Resources for Investors Benefit. SEC Attempted to Extort Third Parties Including Chetan Kapur’s Family Out of Assets That Legally Belonged to Them But Failure Was Inevitable.
  • All SEC Claims Against Chetan Kapur were Clearly Defamatory, Slanderous, Fictional and Egregiously False. SEC’s Fabricated and Fake Claims were Based on Stale, Partial, Out of Context, Contorted or Erroneous Information.
  • Numerous Independent Third Parties Provide Testimony and Testimonials Which Highlight Chetan Kapur’s Excellent Reputation, Impeccable Character and Outstanding Contribution to the Community.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management managed and advised two leading hedge funds – ThinkStrategy Capital Fund, an equity market-neutral fund and TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a leveraged multi-strategy fund of hedge funds and had a comprehensive managed account program. The funds and managed accounts provided investors excellent annual returns with low relative volatility for the majority of a decade.
All investors received the reported returns that were based on the net asset values generated from the funds trading or allocations. With the financial and banking crisis, the leveraged TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a top performer, was put into liquidation by its lender and custodian, KBC Financial, in 2008 (which put all their leveraged clients into liquidation). ThinkStrategy Capital eventually put the TS Multi-Strategy Fund into the hands of PriceWaterhouse Coopers. The TS Multi-Strategy Fund conducted due diligence on or evaluated approximately 8000 investment opportunities and had over 150 different investments.

ThinkStrategy Capital had quality independent service providers that audited and administered the Company’s funds and returns.
The Funds’ custody, leverage, brokerage, liquidation, legal, tax and other service providers were also quality independent firms.
The service providers included PriceWaterhouse Coopers, KBC Financial, O’Connor Davies Munns and Dobbins, Eisner, Folio Administrators and Kirkpatrick & Lockhart.

ThinkStrategy Capital always had a Director of Business Development that fully managed and spearheaded the firm’s capital raising, sales and investor relations effort. The Director of Business Development created all offering materials and was responsible for all investor needs as it related to the Funds’ performance, assets under management, longevity, strategy, due diligence and management team.
In addition, other senior members spearheaded portfolio management, research and due diligence, trading and other functional areas of the firm (such as operations and archiving). ThinkStrategy Capital was a sophisticated growing firm managed in a similar fashion to many growing hedge funds of its size.

Any inadvertent omission or inaccuracy made by ThinkStrategy’s Director of Business Development or his investor relations team in the normal course of business in one-off documents was not only corrected immediately when identified and re-issued but also accurately noted in many other offering and marketing materials including the fund’s foundational offering documents (i.e. the Offering Memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement and Investment Management Agreement). The Funds’ sophisticated, qualified, experienced, accredited investors carefully reviewed all documents and spoke to and met the ThinkStrategy team and their independent service providers - all of which accurately answered all questions prior to investment. Not one ThinkStrategy investor was ever misled in any way, shape or form as to the investment products and the risks associated with them. Not one investor ever redeemed as a result of an inadvertent inaccuracy being corrected by the Director of Business Development or his investor relations team.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management conducted comprehensive research and due diligence in all its investment products. ThinkStrategy Capital's fund of hedge fund product, TS Multi-Strategy Fund, had an extensive, multi-faceted program of diligence that included operational, strategy, risk, stress and scenario due diligence processes (that were applied to all sub-funds being evaluated). Each due diligence process had several qualitative and quantitative aspects and checks not noted to investors but to their benefit. Other leading fund of funds also had similar processes that were above or at industry standard for the time. The TS Multi-Strategy Fund investments oftentimes were recommended by highly regarded institutional advisors or consultants, or came from respected investment databases.
All TS Multi-Strategy Fund sub-fund managers always had strong knowledge and experience with their strategy, very solid business and investing experience, and used quality service providers. Many sub-funds were eliminated from consideration as a result of the stringent and multi-faceted due diligence performed by ThinkStrategy Capital. TS Multi-Strategy Fund continually improved its above or at industry standard due diligence processes eventually adopting a ‘No Stone Should Be Left Unturned’ policy even if there were no red flags. Furthermore, the TS Multi-Strategy Fund could not invest in any sub-fund unless it passed KBC Financial’s (TS Multi-Strategy Fund’s lender and custodian) independent due diligence processes and standards.

The TS Multi-Strategy Fund, a leading performer, was one of KBC Financial’s last clients to be put into liquidation as it was a top performer and well diversified. The leveraged fund of hedge funds had no choice in having to submit full control over to KBC Financial’s liquidation process, the worst banking crisis in US history and the worst economic and financial crisis since 1929. Nonetheless, the fund outperformed a vast majority of its peers locked in a similar position in spite of coming to discover and fully writing off a couple of issue or fraudulent sub-investments. Further, had the SEC done their jobs properly, being the only ones with access to third-party fund bank and brokerage statements, the TS Multi-Strategy Fund of Funds and thousands of other sophisticated investors would not have been a victim of any fraud losses. The TS Multi-Strategy Fund and the ThinkStrategy Capital Fund enjoyed investment success and outperformance significantly higher than its peers in all periods.

Chetan Kapur and ThinkStrategy Capital worked very diligently for investors of the leveraged funds even while receiving no compensation or fees for approximately 3 years as KBC Financial (lender and custodian that put all their clients into liquidation with the US banking crisis) halted all required fees payable to their investment managers during the liquidation period. ThinkStrategy Capital and its founder, Chetan Kapur, thereafter went out-of-pocket during these 3 years to pay for the entire infrastructure and operating expenses of these funds until their resources were fully depleted leaving Chetan Kapur with very significant debts. Most other investment managers would have forced their funds into court receivership or the hands of a liquidator immediately whereby all these expenses and costs would be charged to the fund - thereby hurting investor returns (and would not have worked 16+ hour days in selfless sacrifice as Chetan Kapur did). Chetan Kapur did not abandon investors, which he was legally entitled to do as he was working gratis. Investors benefitted at the very substantial cost and expense of Chetan Kapur.

ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur during this liquidation period devoted a lot of hard work and effort in providing detailed reports to investors, in making prudent decisions on sub-funds that were restructuring or liquidating, in procuring the sub-funds to payout as soon as feasible (including participating in investor committees and appointing advisors to oversee payouts), in obtaining risk, liquidity, outlook and other updates from the sub-funds, as well as maintained coordination with all service providers to the fund (the independent auditors, the independent administrators, the independent accountants and tax preparers, and independent legal) while the Company and Kapur received no compensation for their diligence. Further, the fund's investors were provided substantial fee discounts in the normal course of business prior to the economic and banking crisis too - once again benefitting investors at the cost of ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur.

ThinkStrategy Capital eventually put the Multi-Strategy Fund of Hedge Funds into the hands of PriceWaterhouse Coopers after 3 long years of managing all aspects and costs of the funds without pay, having done all it could for investors, depleting resources fully and leaving founder, Chetan Kapur, in a very substantial debt position. Further, ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur suffered the exact same percentage loss during the economic, banking and private lending crisis being an investor in the fund that was put into liquidation. ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur wrote off their fund investment and a very considerable creditor claim towards the fund for the major benefit of investors.

One year after Mr. Chetan Kapur wound down ThinkStrategy operations (having handed over ThinkStrategy’s funds to PriceWaterhouse Coopers to manage), instead of praising his tireless efforts and selfless sacrifice for investors, the SEC brought egregiously false, fictional and slanderous claims against ThinkStrategy Capital and its founder, Chetan Kapur (who by choice decided to move into another field a year prior other than to maintain managed accounts for family and friends). The SEC knew full well Chetan Kapur was in debt and the Company had depleted its resources, both for the benefit of investors, leaving them unable to defend themselves. Accordingly, Mr. Chetan Kapur settled the matter with the SEC entirely on their unjust terms as he was not able to afford the cost to defend against the SEC’s malicious lies having sacrificed all for his investors. The SEC wanted a bar and default penalties based on their fake and fabricated claims that they brought one year after ThinkStrategy closed operations. Thereafter, the SEC got Chetan Kapur wrongly indicted per their egregious lies. All the indictment charges were eventually fully dismissed by the prosecutor and the Court after they realized the SEC complaint was egregiously false, fictional and had no basis in fact or truth whatsoever.

All indictment charges dropped and dismissed, Chetan Kapur agreed that ThinkStrategy Capital violated an archiving rule and did not preserve one set of records that nobody needed, and if needed the records could have been easily obtained from the brokerage on the project or other sources. Furthermore, it is clear this company rule was for registered investment advisors and ThinkStrategy Capital Management LLC was unregistered and exempt from registration.

Benjamin Schwarz, an investor who has connections with the corrupt element at the SEC and who tried unsuccessfully via harassment and defamation to extort ThinkStrategy Capital and Chetan Kapur into providing him preferential treatment over other investors when the TS Multi-Strategy Fund went into liquidation, used Mr. Chetan Kapur’s wrongful indictment as an opportunity to try to extort Chetan Kapur’s family while he was unjustly and unjustifiably detained. Upon Chetan Kapur’s release, Benjamin Schwarz engaged in a further attempt to extort Kapur’s family out of their assets and failed. Schwarz had a default equivalent judgment based on defamatory claims that he obtained 2 years after ThinkStrategy closed operations. During this failed collection attempt for Mr. Kapur aunt’s car and his mother’s ring (both of which had been sold with proceeds utilized by their owners years ago), Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled after extensive multi-session hearings that the assets did not belong to Chetan Kapur. Schwarz having failed, he now got the SEC back to their harassment, defamation, false imprisonment and extortion campaign. Thereafter, the SEC wanted to collect on their default penalties based on their egregiously false, fictional and slanderous claims and lies -- 3 years after the default penalties were assessed by the SEC!

The SEC went in front of this very same judge with absolutely no new evidence whatsoever on the items that were presented at the Schwarz collection hearings and with stale, partial, out of context, contorted and erroneous information on a third party managed investment account that Chetan Kapur did several years prior (a third party entity where neither ThinkStrategy nor Chetan Kapur had deposited a penny nor benefitted a penny). Chetan Kapur did fully managed investment accounts for several clients, family members and friends in which the investment manager is routinely designated as a nominee beneficiary for ease and efficiency in executing transactions under the fully managed investment account process (Kapur’s company had a comprehensive managed account platform that regularly set up structures for clients, did fully managed investment accounts and provided full administration services to clients). The SEC and judge (Paul Engelmayer) were both abundantly aware of how fully managed investment accounts worked, but feigned ignorance. Further, the SEC and the biased judge made the egregiously false and unfounded claim that Chetan Kapur fully controlled the third-party entity, Family and Children Charitable Foundation, when in fact, Chetan Kapur had no more than managed account investment control for a short period via limited power of attorney over the Family and Children Charitable Foundation. They lied that Chetan Kapur changed the beneficiary of this foundation when in fact he was simply being removed as investment manager and doing what was necessary per protocol to facilitate this process (it was perfectly understandable that Kapur was being removed as investment manager as he was unjustly detained at this time). Making matters worse, the press without proper investigation has taken these and other egregiously false and unfounded claims by the SEC and have noted them as fact. (The press in general, thus far, has drastically mischaracterized this matter and has made many errors and inventions.)

The judge turned his prior opinion and judgments from the extensive Schwarz hearings 180 degrees simply because the SEC got involved and sided with the SEC even though he knew full well the SEC was wrong and unjustified in every way to suggest these assets belonged to Chetan Kapur. He knew full well the SEC were using partial, out of context, stale, contorted and erroneous information and that the SEC themselves knew the assets sought did not belong to Chetan Kapur. The judge ignored independent, irrefutable, complete and accurate accounting with all backing statements by ThinkStrategy and Chetan Kapur’s reputable CPA demonstrating how ThinkStrategy and Chetan Kapur depleted their resources for the enormous benefit of investors leaving Chetan Kapur in immense debt. Further, the judge knowing the assets did not and could not belong to Chetan Kapur felt it was his job to side with the SEC even though they were wrong. The judge additionally went ahead and drastically mischaracterized Mr. Kapur’s minimalist lifestyle.

The judge held Chetan Kapur unjustly and unjustifiably in contempt of court for his inability to pay the following invalid default judgments: (a) the SEC default penalties based on their fabricated, fake and unprovable claims (b) the Benjamin Schwarz egregious false, fictional and slanderous claims based default judgment in addition to one other frivolous individual investor suit default judgment that was also brought several years after ThinkStrategy Capital was closed, while Mr. Chetan Kapur was wrongly and unjustly detained on the above mentioned indictment charges that were eventually dropped. Obviously, Chetan Kapur being wrongly detained at the time had no ability to defend himself whatsoever against these invented, defamatory and egregiously false civil claims. (It should also be noted that ThinkStrategy Capital brought a much deserved defamation lawsuit against Benjamin Schwarz via a contingency attorney.)

Furthermore, the third party managed account assets the judge was trying to claim belonged to Chetan Kapur, simply because he did a fully managed investment account for a third party, were frozen from well before the first day Chetan Kapur was unjustly held in contempt due to an international authority inquiry-- so the judge had absolutely no basis whatsoever to keep Chetan Kapur locked up for even one second under the pretense of coercion. In actuality, it was nothing more than this judge supporting the deceitful and corrupt SEC contingent’s harassment, defamation and false imprisonment campaign, and pretending to extort a third party’s charitable foundation out of assets that rightfully belonged to them -- which was impossible as it had a freeze from well before Chetan Kapur was put in contempt! Irrespective of opinion on ownership – even though any assets very clearly did not belong to Chetan Kapur – detaining Kapur over assets that were depleted or frozen, since well before Kapur was held in contempt, is sheer nonsense and injustice. After 22 months of false imprisonment on civil matters, it was only when Chetan Kapur appealed the matter pro se to the Court of Appeals and was about to file his appeals brief did the contempt purge on the exact same day he was going to file his appeals brief that would have exposed the SEC and judicial malfeasance!

It should also be noted that Judge Engelmayer tried to use an excuse made to his court by a former attorney representing Kapur at his first ever court proceeding to try to discredit everything Kapur had to say on this totally separate matter even though the truth Kapur spoke was confirmed by several independent parties and overwhelming evidence (this evidence was deliberately ignored or hidden under judicial seal). Kapur did not know at the time that this attorney had a reputation for malpractice and troublemaking behavior. This former attorney, that Kapur fired, misadvised and convinced Kapur at the time to make an excuse to her so she could relay it on to the court for reasons she felt was beneficial as Kapur had no resources (the judge knew the former attorney was responsible for the excuse yet used this against Kapur in this separate matter).

Separately, Chetan Kapur’s attorney on the recent civil case (that was paid for by Kapur’s family as Judge Engelmayer unjustly denied Kapur a court-appointed attorney; This judge also seems to have denied Kapur proper due process as there was no trial before detaining Kapur unfairly under the sham of a civil contempt charge) after his motion clearly demonstrating that Kapur’s detention under the law was unjust and unjustified was denied, thereafter employed the extremely weak and mistaken strategy of trying to satisfy the SEC and judge by siding with their wrongful opinions, posturing and lies - knowing full well this behavior was extremely unjustified. Yet this did not result in the farce of ‘coercive contempt’ being purged nor did it lead to any third party getting extorted (nor did the many requests and demands Chetan Kapur happily made to third parties in a neutral manner requesting they provide their assets to the SEC result in them getting extorted or international authorities providing frozen assets. Chetan Kapur was willing to make requests and demands from Day 1 to keep this charade from continuing). This attorney though accurately noted in his final court filing that the SEC was engaging in a “fishing exhibition” – in other words to say that the SEC knew the assets being sought did not legally belong to Chetan Kapur but were putting on a sham of being suspicious that it did based on their partial, out of context, stale, contorted and erroneous information. It was only when Chetan Kapur started an appeal pro se that the contempt purged as this was going to reveal and expose this injustice.

Clearly it does not take much to realize that this history of wrongful, unjust and unjustified attacks on Chetan Kapur by and because of the corrupt element at the SEC (or the corrupt agent spearheading this case at the SEC) that includes harassment; defamatory and fictional claims being repeatedly brought that eventually get dropped or dismissed resulting in false imprisonment; and attempted extortion of third parties including third party family members by holding Kapur hostage must be motivated by: (a) racial animosity and/or (b) the fact that the SEC is desperate to repair their reputation after the financial and banking crisis and came up with the ill-conceived idea to do so by also going after innocent and easy targets (like Kapur) that they knew did not have the resources to defend themselves (after having sacrificed all for investors) – thus achieving fake regulatory discipline and/or (c) the fact that the Benjamin Schwarz investor is keen to have his connections within the corrupt element at the SEC engage in illicit behavior.

After all this, the SEC got the immigration department to bring totally nonsensical and ridiculous civil immigration claims against Chetan Kapur, a legal US resident for 24 years, to try to push him out of the country. The immigration department brought their first nonsense claim against Kapur and then dropped it before the immigration judge was going to dismiss, and then brought another claim thereafter that was equally unjustified that was also dropped before the judge was going to dismiss. Seems like a very similar pattern to the unjust and unjustified attacks on Chetan Kapur prior, and a continuation of the SEC corrupt element campaign. Clearly, this was also a defensive strategy by the SEC to try to prevent the truth from being properly revealed (while slandering Kapur in the press) and to protect against a much-deserved lawsuit for damages including punitive damages (a lawsuit that they would certainly lose). Any possible future attacks under their campaign of harassment, defamation, false imprisonment and attempted extortion of third parties which as always are based on unfounded, defamatory and unjustified claims will only further underscore the truth about their motivations and will be another defensive move to cover up the truth.

In sum and substance, this appalling behavior by the corrupt at the SEC and those that support them is beyond disgraceful.

ThinkStrategy Capital Management LLC, its founder, directors, managers, employees and service providers are all extremely honest, hardworking members of the community that went way above and beyond for investors prior to, during and after the Great Recession.


“We were one of ThinkStrategy Capital’s largest institutional investors. We capitalized on outstanding absolute and relative returns with a conservative risk profile for many years. Unfortunately, we did get caught up in the TS Multi-Strategy Fund liquidation due to the worst US banking crisis in history. However, we must say that the way Chetan Kapur and his team handled matters was impressive. We always received detailed attention and excellent transparency, but the level of service, reporting and smart decision-making we received during the liquidation when all financial asset classes were collapsing was not observed at any of our other managers. Further, the TS Multi-Strategy Fund was one of our only leveraged funds with substantial equity years into the banking and private lending crisis. For Chetan Kapur to have provided this servicing not receiving fees himself for years shows his commitment to his investors, as does the fact that he wrote off his investment and creditor claim to the fund for investors. Our organization will without hesitation invest with Chetan Kapur again given the opportunity.” ~ Founder of a renowned global organization that has several billions invested in alternative investments.

“I was one of ThinkStrategy Capital Management’s earlier investors. I invested in their equity market neutral fund, ThinkStrategy Capital Fund. I was very happy with the low risk outperforming, top-tier returns I enjoyed at this Fund for several years. Later on, wanting to invest in a debt-based product, I also invested in their TS Multi-Strategy Fund. The decision to invest in the TS Multi-Strategy Fund was based entirely on their back tested pro forma return analysis done by their prestigious accounting and auditing firm O’Connor Davies Munns and Dobbins. These back tested returns were based on the actual trading of underlying sub-fund managers and traders. Investing in the TS Multi-Strategy Fund was a brilliant decision as well. I received even better returns at the Fund than the back tested pro forma analysis suggested I might receive. I was fully aware of all the risks at both funds via the Funds Offering Memoranda and the honest forthcoming advice I got from Chetan Kapur, the Director of Business Development and the ThinkStrategy investor relations team. I knew going in that past results were not indicative of future results, that outlier and stressful market and economic environments may cause significant losses among other risks. I was a very satisfied accredited investor and am shocked at the injustice Chetan Kapur has had to face. I will definitely invest with Kapur again.” ~ Long time accredited investor that invested in both of ThinkStrategy Capital Management’s funds.

“As a sophisticated investor in hedge funds for the past 20 years, I conducted very rigorous due diligence on ThinkStrategy Capital Management and both its hedge funds before investing and during my investment there. I routinely communicated with either Chetan Kapur or other members on their Investment Committee, spoke regularly with the Director of Business Development, and contacted their auditors and administrator on several occasions with detailed questions and inquires. That being said I can say with certainty, after having carefully and objectively reviewed the evidence, that the SEC complaint against ThinkStrategy and Chetan Kapur is absolute garbage, an utter manipulation filled with dire mischaracterizations, miscalculations, false claims and lies. I am saddened that a very good man like Kapur and his firm was subjected to such an unjustified attack” ~ Accredited and sophisticated investor in the ThinkStrategy Capital funds.

“I have been an investment manager for the last 25 years. I am a licensed registered investment advisor, and I am and have been a member of the board of directors of the Hedge Fund Association for the last 5 years. I have known Chetan Kapur for 12 years. Chetan and I have known each other since I conducted due diligence on ThinkStrategy and became friends. I managed a portfolio that invested in 21 Fund of Hedge Funds. Over the years we visited both in NY and in Miami many times and got to know each other’s family. Chetan has and always had an excellent reputation in the hedge fund community. He has impeccable character. He was one of the best investment managers and FoF managers. I have been impressed by his honesty, integrity, candor, professionalism and moral fiber. On a personal note, he became good friends with my son David, a Cornell graduate, who always talked about these qualities from Chetan. I know that Chetan does and will continue to contribute to the community personally and professionally…” ~ Board member of the Hedge Fund Association and successful FoF investor.

“While many might be surprised by this behavior of the SEC, I am not. The SEC has a history and reputation for corruption and incompetence. Matters have certainly improved there over the years but clearly not sufficiently enough. The SEC missed hundreds of frauds during the financial crisis and thereafter. Since then they have been so eager to mend their reputation they have no problems going after innocent managers like Kapur with invented, false and manipulated representations….

As for Judge Engelmayer, a former federal prosecutor, he has a reputation for being an unobjective, heavily biased, bad and unjust judge when any government entity is involved. He is a well-practiced liar, deceiver and manipulator, and is the sort of person who would take great pride in being described as such. I have had a few cases in front of him and he is someone who probably has several complaints against him with the Judicial Council of the Second Circuit. This judge is much better off in a career as a fiction novelist with his drastically mischaracterized, manipulated and heavily prejudiced opinions …..Thurgood Marshall, the first African American judge appointed to the US Supreme Court who ended legal segregation in American, is probably rolling in his grave over the conduct of a racist judge like Engelmayer (who briefly even clerked for Thurgood Marshall) in his courthouse….Separately, the SEC brought civil charges against Madoff one day after he was criminally convicted and started touting just how quickly they prosecuted him! ....While I do not usually do contingency cases, I will take on Kapur’s case on a contingency basis should he wish to sue the SEC or this judge for their malicious and cowardly behavior….” ~ Veteran New York attorney with 30 Years of experience.

“We defended Chetan Kapur, the smart, creative young man behind ThinkStrategy, a New York hedge fund. When the market crashed in 2008, some of Mr. Kapur’s investors absorbed significant losses, as did virtually every other investor in America. A powerful investor blamed Mr. Kapur for the diminished value of his portfolio. Ultimately, he was indicted on federal security fraud charges, with great fanfare by the New York United States Attorney’s Office.

We took the time to learn the arcane and highly technical nature of Mr. Kapur’s business. After several months of close analysis, we were able to demonstrate to and convince the federal prosecutors that, far from defrauding anyone, Mr. Kapur made money for most of his investors, while only those who had timed their investments poorly (i.e. by buying into the fund when it was doing well and selling when it was down) lost money. The prosecutor ultimately dismissed all of the fraud charges.

'Mr. Kapur never defrauded anyone. He invested his clients’ funds exactly as he promised he would and paid them precisely what they were entitled to receive when they redeemed their investments. Most of his clients made money and those who didn’t understood the risks of investing. The charges against Mr. Kapur were ill conceived and we are grateful that the United States Attorney recognized that fact by dismissing them.’” ~ Chetan Kapur’s former attorney that defended against the ill-conceived charges.

“Chetan Kapur’s firm ran the leading market neutral and multi-strategy fund for about decade. Not only were they leading hedge funds in the industry by way of performance but after accounting for the very moderate risk factor they had one of the industry’s highest Sharpe ratios. Chetan Kapur has been treated very very unfairly and unreasonably to say the least after he chose to wind down ThinkStrategy Capital, particularly considering the remarkable sacrifice he personally made for fund investors both before and after passing the ThinkStrategy’s funds over to PriceWaterhouse Coopers…..I will certainly invest with Chetan Kapur again and proudly recommend him to other qualified investors.” ~ Institutional investor that operates a thriving multinational institutional investment advisory practice.

Cases: SEC v. ThinkStrategy Capital Mgmt. LLC et al., 11CV8094, 17-691CV, 12CR00535, US District Court, SDNY
SOURCE: Investigative Coverage